2023 Greg Hildebrandt's American Beauties Pinup Calendar - SIGNED by Greg Hildebrandt

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Size: 12 X 12

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2023 Pinup Wall Art Calendar Hand Signed by Greg Hildebrandt Measures 12" X 12" In 1999 Greg Hildebrandt brought a lifelong dream into reality with the American Beauties Pinup Series. A retro-style pinup series, American Beauties draws its inspiration from Greg’s childhood memories and the early masters of pinup art. While these inspirations are there, they are merely a stepping-off point. Greg has made the American Beauties series unquestionably his own, maintaining the unique Hildebrandt style and flair for story-driven illustration. Currently sitting at well over 120 images, the American Beauties series exudes Greg’s love for all things noir, sci-fi, and pulp. With a masterful brushstroke and a wry, cheeky sense of humor, Hildebrandt’s approach to the classic subject of figure illustration is on full display in this glorious collection of 13 paintings. Step into the world of Greg Hildebrandt’s American Beauties and explore through the artist’s eye the power of women and the absurdity of men.